General Information

This page provides general information and polices related to Specialist Industries Ltd and the operation of this website.

Our History

Specialist Industries was originally founded in 1995 to enable our Director to work as a contract IT Manager and went into hibernation a couple of years later when he got a management role with British Telecom. The company was started again in September 2009 by the Director and his partner to provide information assurance and CLAS services to the private and public sector. The core of the business remains focused on longer term engagements around security architecture and cyber risk management with a small number of clients.

We have branched out into assessing training courses and individuals for the NCSC Certified Training, NIST Cybersecurity Framework and various ISACA schemes in partnership with APMG since 2012.

The company was first certified to Cyber Essentials in 2014. We worked with APMG to develop their Cyber Essentials offering in 2015 and continue the relationship. From April 2020, the company is worked as a Certification Body with IASME for both their Governance and refreshed Cyber Essentials Offer. We continue to be certified to both IASME Governance and Cyber Essentials.

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